Local area


The village of Touffailles, which has just under 400 inhabitants, is situated in the northwest of the ‘departement de Tarn and Garonne’. With the countless sunflower fields and astounding natural beauty the area is also referred to as the Tuscany of France. Fresh baguettes can be picked up every morning from the local bakery a short walk away. It’s a small but lively village with it’s own town hall, a post office and school.


THe region

The region is known for it’s wine, orchards, prunes, nuts, foie gras, confit de canard and sunflower fields. Medieval towns (Bastides) are dotted around and a joy to explore. Many towns are situated at the top of a hill with extraordinary views. There are many markets, beautiful swim locations, vide-greniers (antique markets or garage sale), castles, cities for shopping (Cahors, Montauban, Toulouse, Agen) en beautiful roads to explore by bicycle, car or motorbike. One minute you’ll be driving through the rapeseed fields, the vineyards or the sunflowers, and the next you’ll be driving through another idyllic bastide village. And what about a wine tasting?



Hospitality, peace and space are characteristics of the region. The green of the hills mixes with the different colours of the orchards, sunflower fields and vineyards. The climate is warm and pleasant with plenty of sunshine!


There is a lot to do:


This area is an ideal holiday destination as it has so much to offer. The combination of the enjoyable climate, the beautiful landscapes and the many streams and rivers makes this area ideal for all ages.

Medieval towns (Bastides) are dotted around the area and are a joy to explore. These towns are often situated at the top of a hill with extraordinary views. Lauzerte, Moissac, Penne-d’Agenais and Auvillar are just a few examples of beautiful ‘Bastides’.




France and castles are inextricably linked. From the sober, ancient castles in the area of ‘Cathar’ to the lavish buildings along the Loire, each region has its own highlights and peculiarities. One was once designed as a robust defense structure, the other as an example of wealth and culture. In the neighborhood, the castle of Bonaguil and the castle of Gavaudun are well worth a visit!


The abbeys and monasteries of France are among the most beautiful places to visit in the country. You will find them in every region, and almost every ancient monastery has an eventful history. At one moment monastic life flourished, but in the next monks were brutally murdered and monasteries were razed to the ground. Fortunately, we now live in more peaceful times, and we can fully enjoy the remarkable places that monks lived. The Abbey of Moissac and the Abbey of Belleperche are beautiful examples.



If you enjoy swimming and water sports there are endless places to explore. In addition to the property’s exclusive swimming pool, where you will have unlimited access, there are three local rivers: the Tarn, Garonne and Lot. While visiting these rivers you also have the opportunity to rent canoes, kayaks and boats. There are also beautiful lakes in the area, some of which offer pedal boats, such as in Montcuq and Montaigu-de-Quercy. The area is known for its breath-taking natural environment, including peaceful areas of wide-open space with few other tourists around.



There are plenty of markets in the area and exploring stalls of fresh seasonal products is a wonderful way to familiarise yourself with the region. French markets are exuberant, colorful, fragrant and - importantly - well priced. Some of the best markets in the area are in Montcuq, Moissac and Cahors.



In summer there are enchanting night markets where you can spend an evening indulging on delicious food and wine, eating on long picnic tables and listening to live music. Spending time at the evening markets is a favourite past time of the people from the South of France - "slow living" at its best. There are various names for these evening markets; marché paysan, marché nocturne, marché gourmand, or marché des producteurs de pays. They all share one commonality: freshly prepared food from local products (such as farm chicken, duck, lamb or goose, locally grown salad, really tasty tomatoes). You can buy fresh fruit, (goat) cheeses, ice cream and wine or delicious aperitifs at the stalls, just like at normal markets. You truly feel like a real Frenchman or Frenchwoman when you sit down at the long tables in an attractive village square, an old barn or even in the courtyard of a medieval castle.



Those who visit France cannot miss out on the flea markets, attic sales and antique markets. Almost every village has a flea market at least once a year. There are ones with real junk ("Vide Grenier", emptying the attic) or the more sophisticated flea markets with antique dealers. From wine glasses to classic cars and motorcycles and farm carts, you will find everything and anything at these markets. The atmosphere is usually very relaxed and the French often attend these flea markets purely for enjoyment.



You will sometimes see the "degustation" sign at an attractive wine château along the road. Whenever you do, stop and go inside to try some of the local wine. These tastings are not always organised and more of an opportunity for the owner to let you taste the different types of wines so that you can make a choice and buy a few bottles of the countryside’s best.


The region is also known for its fresh fruit from the local orchards, nuts, foie gras, confit de canard, truffles and much more. Come and experience the wonderful delights this area has to offer.



There are many more activities to do in the local area, amongst which:

  • Golf
  • Sport climbing
  • Mountain biking
  • Geo-caching (outdoor sports and games where use is made of a GPS receiver or telephone to find a so-called cache (hiding place) somewhere in the world)
  • Horseback riding
  • Visiting a cave
  • Climbing park
  • Theme park (Walibi)
  • and many other beautiful things to do and see.


In short: endless opportunities for holiday fun! We will provide you with all information about the local area and available activities upon arrival.